Advertising Options


Customer awareness is one of the most critical actions every business should be doing to be successful.  BPN (Business PowerNet) offers several advertising options using multiple communities such as groups, pages, emails and digital radio, each working together to create awareness for local business owners.


Free & Low Cost Advertising Options

Do you want to connect with the people in one or more of these communities to introduce your business?  If yes, use contact form below for more details.

  • Support Local Business:  This is a online community that is loyal and supportive to local business owners.
  • Online Business Group:  This is a community of entrepreneurs and business owners.  Think of it as an online business networking group.
  • Digital Radio Station:  Booze & Tunes is our digital station.  It is located on multiple websites that we manage and supports all of our online communities.  This station is heard world wide.
  • (MAC) Community:  This is our Music, Alcohol and Cannabis community.  Their podcast is heard on our digital radio station.
  • Hispanic Community Voice:  This community is it’s own niche.
  • Christian Broadcast:  This community shares church music and sermons by Pastor Greg.
  • Health & Wellness:  This community is caters to mostly women and some men.  It focuses around healthy foods and a positive self esteem.
  • Weekly Email Newsletter:  Our emails are designed to introduce and encourage the idea of supporting local business owners that are listed in our business directory.


Digital Radio Station Heard Around The World


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