Awareness Videos

AWARENESS: “Letting people know who you are and what you do”

Business Awareness Videos are promotional tools which are created by Business PowerNet using Artificial Intelligence and is designed to provoke an emotional response of the viewer.  There is No Charge to create an awareness video(s) for you and can be personalized for local businesses, organizations, non-profits, events or any other creative opportunity.

You can insert a personalized Awareness Video in to your site, share it on social media and ask everyone you know to do the same.  This is a creative opportunity to promote your business at no cost to you – Details Below This Sample Video!

Video Details:

    1. No Charge To Receive A Personalized Video(s).
    2. Create A Free Business Directory listing.
    3. Join Our Twice A Month Business Text Group.
    4. Help Us Promote Our Shop Local Communities.
    5. Put Your Video On Your Site or Share With Friends. (Watch The Positive Responses)
    6. Contact Us To Get Started.


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