Business Speed Networking

Business Speed Networking is an online business networking Zoom meeting that compresses lengthy business networking into 30 minutes or less without loosing quality of purpose.  Join us today and receive amazing benefits for your business – for free.

  1. It’s only 30 minutes.  We respect your time.
  2. No Charge To Join The Group
  3. It’s a business event – not socializing.
  4. Can Be Done From Your Home or Office During Lunch.
  5. Can Be Industry Specific or General B2B.
  6. Person-To-Person Interaction Using Zoom Breakout Rooms.
  7. Strategic Partnership Building.
  8. Stronger Relationships With Local Business Owners.
  9. Complimentary Business Awareness Video.
  10. Complimentary Digital Radio Ads.

We offer Business Speed Networking events that allow participating business people to introduce themselves with other business people (in a short amount of time).  It’s an opportunity to meet local business people you may not normally get to know without leaving your home or office during lunch.

Join our next Business Speed Networking Event

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