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  1. What is Attention Based Digital Marketing?
    It’s a marketing model that has evolved around the growth of social media on the internet.
  2. How do we use Attention Marketing to promote your business?
    Indirect marketing is the best way to grab the attention of consumers.  Our strategies consist of Online Publications, Videos, Expert Tips and more to promote your business.
  3. What are Expert Tips?
    This is a simple way for consumers to connect to you without a “sales pitch” reaction.  The end product can be view or heard by the consumer via audio or video.   This is an amazing service for consumers to know you as a person first and a regional business second.
  4. What is Gift Card Bribes?
    These are online drawings and the easiest way to introduce consumers to the platforms that can promote your business.   More details when we talk.
  5. How “Limited” is limited spacing?
    There are only 360 business spaces available per regional area so space is very limited.
  6. What is the Profiles of Success magazine?
    This is a monthly online publication that highlights 30 members from our business directory from a regional area and is distributed to the (10’s of Thousands) is our subscription data base, multiple online groups and communities.
  7. Is it really only $45. per month for membership?
    Yes, plus it’s (month to month) and you will receive all the services we provide included at no extra cost.  Visit our $45. Membership Advertising for more details.
  8. Digital Publication Contributors:  <<<  Click Here – PW is 456