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This is for the serious person who would like to “Make A Dent In The Universe” and to make a difference in one or more online communities of your choice listed below.  We’re always looking for people to help as “Content Providers” for our many online magazines.

“All you have to do is find and share links of “Subject Related” websites, articles or videos in our Facebook group plus it comes with some amazing perks. It’s that easy.”

The Entire World Exists In Our Phones, So What Do You Want To Say?  A Content Provider is someone who searches the internet to find stories, articles or videos we can use for he specific magazine of your choice.  This is the information we will use to create the magazines

Content Providers will receive some amazing perks but first you need to join our closed Facebook online publications group.  This is where you make your posts for the creation of specific online magazines.

The following is a list of current publications.

If interested in becoming or learning more about what a Content Provider does, please click the “Request To Join Our Facebook Group” below.

Thank you
Steve Finlayson
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