Business PowerNet

Raffle Marketing Offer

Simple Question:  Would you spend $10. to connect with THOUSANDS of potential customers in our local community?  My name is Steve Finlayson, Marketing Director with Business PowerNet and our Online Raffle Program can help you do this.

We’re looking for (30) business owners that would like to participate in our online raffles.  It’s an advertising opportunity that will attract a massive amount of online participants, bring awareness to our regional business community and most importantly, it can introduce potential customers to your business

At Business PowerNet, we own & use (3) Digital Publications, (1) online Radio Station, (8) Community Platforms, Email Marketing to grab the attention of potential consumers each week and bring awareness to regional business people like you.  We will use these venues plus social media advertising to promote our online raffles.

Want more details?  Use the form below with your name and number or call (24/7) 1.800.232.1971.  Space is limited!