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Quotes we’ve borrowed from the best sales trainers in the industry.  When you’re ready to take your business to the next level and GROW YOUR BUSINESS, then our Sales Resourse Center can help.  We have audios & videos on hand 24/7 for you.  Check it out! (click here)


Tip #1
The most powerful motivational speeches I have ever heard came from people who told me I couldn’t do something.  tell me I can’t do it and I’ll prove them wrong.

Tip #2
Only those who risk going too far can possible find out how far one can go.

Tip #3
The action of making progress is progress.

Tip #4
Pay attention and take advantage of Bad News. Its an opportunity to grow.

Tip #5
Never look at just one piece of data. Look at lots of pieces of data before you make your decision.

Tip #6
Your ability to make decisions and have courage is going to give you a bigger paycheck. pull the trigger.  Every Dollar Counts

Tip #7
Use fear as an inspiration to attack your uncertainty. Uncertainty creates creativity.

Tip #8
The reason why people fail at business is NOT because they don’t understand the business.. It’s because they under estemated the amount of effort it takes to break even or be successful. – 10x rule.

Tip #9
The 3 deaths the business person experiences most often.

Tip #10
Philosophy & Attitude: 2 things needed for success

Tip #11
Dominate your marketplace. Not compete.. The social media world is free

Tip #12
Create a Movement and Purpose with people and you will never want for anything.

Tip #13
Personal accountability is so important for success.

Tip #14
Quit Thinking Average – Quit Being Average, if you know wht day it is, you’re not busy enough

Tip #15
Unleash your creativity with technology, social media, youtube and others

Tip #16
80% of all small business fail because they don’t correctly understand the amount of effort it takes to succeed.

Tip #17
You never know who’s heart your going to touch by doing a good deed.

Tip #18
Treating success as an option is one fo the major reasons why most people never create success for themselves.

Tip #19
When you, your family and your company begin to consider success as a responsibilty and ethical issue, then everything else will immediatly start to sfift.

Tip #20
Failing to insist on abundant amounts of all success in area all areas of life in itself some what unethical.

Tip #21
Don’t let the distractions – distract you

Tip #22
A product that touches the hearts of consumers is a business that will blow up to be something GREAT.

Tip #23
Only if one believes in something can one act purposely

Tip #24
How to succeed in what ever you do
Write your goals down daily
Get Attention – Tell people what your are doing
Immerse yourself in books, audios and videos to keep it going
Dedicate and Commit to the goal
Test Yourself!

Tip #25
Build with the ability of abundance

Tip #26
Life is short – live without fear.

Tip #27
There is a difference between resources and resourcefulness.

Tip #28
Your goal has to be more valuable than the risk you are taking

Tip #29
Money & Power follow attention.

Tip #30
Average is a failing formula

Tip #31
Success is like a breath of air, even though your last breath was important, it’s not nearly as important as your next breath.

Tip #32
Success must be approached from an ethical viewpoint, it’s your duty, obligation and responsibility.

Tip #33
Success is not a commodity, it’s not a resource and there’s no limited reserves on it. There isn’t a lack or shortage of success because it’s created by those who have no limites in terms of ideas, creativity, ingenuity, talent, originality, persistence or determination. Success is created.. Not Acquired.

Tip #34
Your thoughts and actions are the reasons why you are where you are right now

Tip #35
No one can convince me that there is something wrong with my desire to achieve a new level of success.

Tip #36
successful people are unsatisfied and yearn for something more… this is what drives them

Tip #37
Your desire to reach goals is a very important element to reaching your goals.

Tip #38
setting goals to low or sub-par is one element for setting people up for failure

Tip #39
Why only be good at something when you know the market place rewards excellence

Tip #40
There is NO formula for success that determines the correct estimation of effort.

Tip #41
look to where you want to go … not where you’re going.

Tip #42
In Life – The “What If’s” are unknowable – You should decide on the merits.

Tip #43
In Don’t under estimate the amount of Noise there is in the marketplace.  Put in 10X the amount of effort JUST to get noticed.

Tip #44
The farther you can you look back on life – the further you can see into the future.

Tip #45
Being concerned about something leads to being prepared.

Tip #46
Customer service – It’s important to LISTEN to your customers needs.

Tip #47
There is NO SHORTAGE of Success.

Tip #48
Success happens because of the actions you take.

Tip #49
It’s a myth to think that success… Just Happens!

Tip #50
If you want to be GREAT at what you do… Then obsession is a necessity.

Tip #51
You’ll never reach your goal unless you use your imagination.

Tip #52
Think differently Plan Accordingly.  Retirement is NOT a destination – life is about living and learning.